Pastoral Care & Wellbeing


Helping students to understand their potential while working collaboratively with their peers, their community and its surrounding.


We all want children to be safe and happy at school. Life skills, such as those taught in the PSHE programme, are associated with greater wellbeing, higher achievement, the development of character and social skills, which will be of high importance to students in later life.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the responsibility of all at Beaconhouse Sri Inai. It aims to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of all pupils and staff. It is an essential aspect of school and will impact a student’s ability to learn and succeed.

  • Pastoral Care is reflected in all aspects of school life and is reflected in the friendly and respectful staff-pupil relationship within our school.
  • Teachers in the classroom are not only responsible for the academic progress of each of their students but also their well-being.
  • Teachers are quickly able to recognise when something is not quite right and can offer support and mentoring.
  • Our family atmosphere means that staff know students as individuals and care about their progress; and every student will have a number of trusted staff they can go to if they are facing difficulties.
  • Students form strong and supportive friendships, helping each other when needed.

“A happy child is a successful child”